When You Need to Wear a Suit Jacket

The world of business is becoming more casual and informal. The formal, stiff, two or three button suit is going out of fashion for all but the more conservative professions and organisations and even those are loosening up. The power suit can date a woman and give the impression of stuck-in-the-past thinking and attitudes.

So the question comes up! What do you wear when you are speaking, being a Master of Ceremonies, receiving an award or attending a more formal networking event? A jacket is called for but what do you choose so that you look like a modern 21st century woman.

Here are my three pieces of fashion advice for Baby Boomer and over 40 professional or business women. Let us apply some modern dressing skills to the formal suit jacket.

Add a Belt over Your Jacket

This is a simple solution for those classic suit jackets that are still in your wardrobe.

Stop worrying that your waist has expanded over the years. Wear your belt comfortable but not tight.

It is your choice whether you wear a narrow, medium or wide belt. The only way to find out which looks best on you is to experiment. Try it in privacy at home or wear the suit jacket to a store and try on different belt widths in the privacy of a change room.

The second consideration is whether to wear a matching or contrasting colour. The best coloured belts for classic suit jackets are black, brown or beige. Red belts are for extroverts.

You can also wear a narrow black belt over a patterned, frilled-neck formal jacket. This allows you to be formal while still retaining your femininity.

Modern Jacket Closures

If you are looking for a new modern suit or a versatile modern jacket, look at a jacket that has a hook and eye closure at the waist. This keeps the formal look with a modern edge. A rounded or pointed hemline also keeps the jacket from looking dated.

An alternative to a waistline hook and eye is a jacket with a zip closure that goes from collar to waist. It can be centred or slightly off-centre. Off-centre zips look better on modern collar styles.

A third alternative is a half-revere collared jacket with an odd number of closely placed button and loop closures that come to the waist only.

All three styles create a smooth slimming colour across your upper body. They are modern because they all meet in the middle rather than having one side fold over the other.

Soft Fold Jackets

Buttonless, draping jackets are today’s modern classic style. For occasions when a suit jacket is required, buy one in a thicker weave material. Also choose ones that create a lapel effect. The lapel can start at the neckline or from just below the collarbone.

It is your choice whether the edges meet, are slightly apart or drape down your princess line. Go for whatever looks best on you.

Choose a hem shape that flatters you – either straight or angled. A good fashion tip is that angled hems makes your hips look smaller. Keep the length to a normal suit jacket length – wrist length if you are petite or medium height; fingertip length if you are tall.

Last Words

The modern suit jacket can be worn over a dress or with a knee-length skirt or tapered pants. It is always handy to have one in the wardrobe for those important invitations. Use this Baby Boomer fashion advice and know you can choose a belt, a modern closure or soft folds. Out you go now and shine confidently.

Work Jackets Are Not Only For The Outdoors

Work Jackets are sometimes required in work environments for many different purposes. On job sites, they may be required for visibility, and at other times, they are required to conform to specific standards for safety. Depending on the environment or industry, work jackets may be an important component of a corporate uniform which tells about the business. A team of workers at a job site, dressed in the corporate uniform can convey a professional image about the business or the operation. It can often be the difference between maintaining and losing working contracts.

Work jackets can add a boost to your image as it presents your outfit as a team that works together. They can still be important for a number of reasons. Although much of the current focus is expression individuality, uniforms may tend to dispel the myth as business still rely on the concept of teams.

In some workplaces, or even in areas such as the larger department stores, a quick and simple identification can help customers identify sales associates for quick assistance. This can be seen as one of the aspects of improved customer service, since the customers can quickly identify whom they can ask for assistance.

Working teams, should always present a unified front, and although there may be some hierarchy involved in the organization, it may not always be in the best interest of your company to have it displayed at all times. Employees may all have personal style, taste or preferences when it comes to clothing, and the addition of work jackets can help to eliminate any apparent disparity that can appear with individual expression through the choice of clothing. Very often we are judged by our appearance, and that often includes the style of clothing that you wear. This can often lead to misjudgments which can be eliminated if everyone appears to be the same.

Where work jackets can become important is in helping to promote your brand. Having employees wear uniforms is also a matter of branding. An employee that wears your jacket emblazoned with your color or logos can help to promote your brand, increase recognition and visibility of your company. The jackets may be a lot less costly than outfitting your workers with complete uniforms, and although they may be decried in some circles as being restrictive, there are several reasons why uniforms are beneficial to corporate images.

The simple wearing of a work jacket can help to display some pride that the employees can feel about your company. It becomes much easier and cheaper to advertise your business through the brand ambassadors that display your brand outside of the work environment.

Jackets can also be used or may be required for safety features. They can be made with desirable features, such as flame-retardant or moisture-proof materials. In some industries, they can be designed specifically to reduce potential problems such as the transfer of static electricity, that can interfere with the operation of electrical components.

A simple an innocuous act can help to bolster the team spirit, and help workers to feel that they belong, which can also contribute to better productivity.